Upcoming Site Tasks

I’ve been ignoring my site lately.  I keep thinking about all the plans I have to improve and at least make it moderately useful.  I need to really figure out what my goals are with it and work towards them. The tag line “Technology, News, Photography, Life” really explains what my interests are and what this site is supposed to be about.  I do realize that these topics are pretty broad, but in the end this allows me to write about more of my interests.


  • Design or implement a new theme
  • Create new header/logo
  • Integrate Gallery 2 with WordPress
  • Integrate Google Adsense Search – (do i still want to do this?)
  • Add photography
  • Setup my About page
  • Finish my woot! page – (no longer going to complete)
  • Post some woot! reviews and projects
  • Earn first $100 with Adsense
  • Earn enough to purchase DSLR to replace past stolen camera and continue on with my photography hobby  (received as Christmas present)
  • Post once a week
  • Implement and try out Google Analytics
  • Change to dmurry.com instead of www.dmurry.com
  • Try new permalink structure /category/post-name
  • Add social media links
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