Snow is Here! Top 10 Ice and Snow Driving Tips!

It has finally snowed!  The roads are a bit slick, but no worries I have been driving on slick roads every winter for the past 14 years.   Recently, I took a drive from Cleveland to Baltimore in the middle of a snowstorm, passed at least 50 cars off the road and it took me double the time it normally takes.  During this drive, I came up with the following list:

Top 10 Ice and Snow Driving Tips!


  1. Slow Down! – #1 tip, drive significantly slower than if the roads were clear.
  2. Appropriate Tires – have all-season (or better yet snow tires) on your car; a BMW M3 with high performance tires is not going to make it up a hill, stay at home!
  3. Check your Tread Depth – if the tires are low on tread be extra careful, if they are bald and the core is visible, stay at home!
  4. Relax and Stay Calm – Sudden braking, accelerating and/or turning is problematic; slowly take your foot off the gas if you start to slide until you regain control.  See #5.
  5. Turn into a Slide – If the back end is going right, turn the wheel right.  This is not necessarily instinctive, practice putting your car into a slide (at your own risk!) in an open parking lot and removing from it to learn.
  6. Anticipate Stopping – it’s going to take longer to stop, especially if you start sliding
  7. Do Not Pump Your Brakes – let ABS do the work, unless of course you do not have ABS…
  8. Leave Room – keep plenty of distance between vehicles, see #6.
  9. 4 Wheel Drive/All Wheel Drive – Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you will not slide.  It only helps in accelerating and climbing hills.
  10. Slow Down! – See #1.


Are there any other important ones I missed?  Please post in the comments!

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