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Happy 6th+ Year Anniversary to Geauga Lake Being Closed – NOT! – A Revitalization Idea!

I just saw that it has been 6+ years since Geauga Lake in Northeast Ohio closed out of nowhere on the last day of the season!   Like everyone else that grew up in Northeast Ohio, this was devastating to … Continue reading

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Upcoming Site Tasks

I’ve been ignoring my site lately.  I keep thinking about all the plans I have to improve and at least make it moderately useful.  I need to really figure out what my goals are with it and work towards them. … Continue reading

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Circuit City from Good to Great to Gone

It is a sad day to see Circuit City finally close their doors.  There was a small hope that they could close a few stores, make well with their creditors, and continue doing business after filing Chapter 11 last year.  … Continue reading

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XOHM WiMax in Baltimore

Sprint’s next generation (4G) network XOHM WiMax Broadband network claims they are set out to revolutionize the way we connect by allowing the same kind of connection at home and on the go.  I don’t believe they are too far … Continue reading

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Google Does it Again

Google announced today on CNN that they will be giving away $10 million to an idea that will change the world to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  The project is called Project10 to the 100, another play on numbers as Google’s … Continue reading

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Honda Removes Alpaca from Fit

I always thought this was a good marketing choice.  I would love to haul an alpaca around in a Honda Fit. From the 2008 Honda Fit site: However, the 2009 Honda Fit site no longer shows the alpaca in the … Continue reading

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I would prefer to ride the train…

In response to the article on, which can be found at I would prefer to ride a train to travel short distances if it was faster than driving and financially beneficial. I agree with the article and am … Continue reading

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