Gmail, one year of use…

Gmail has changed the way I use email over the past year. I used to not check my email for days and sometimes even weeks. This was due to the fact that OSU‘s webmail only allowed 15mbs of storage and no spam filtering (I do believe they have finally impemented a spam filter as of writing this)! I would spend the majority of my email time sorting through spam and trying to delete my email so I would not go over my quota when a team member wanted to send me a file.

Now, I check my email many many times a day. It has almost become a routine.

Pros of Gmail

  • search
  • no deleting!
  • conversations are stored in a message format
  • checking email from my cellular phone
  • files are available from anywhere when I need them
  • able to spoof the from address for other email addresses

Things that could still be improved

  • Implementing Google Talk to link with AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc would make it more useful as many people I know do not use Google Talk
  • The implementation of Talk into Gmail seemed to have slowed down the overall page load time for Gmail
  • When I hit reply from an email sent to my other email addresses and forwarded to Gmail… I want the address it was sent to to show up.

Does anyone know if Google is ever going to offer an email server, like the Google Appliance? It would be awesome to be able to run the gmail interface within a large company, but have the email addresses be

If anyone would like an activation code, please leave a comment!

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3 Responses to Gmail, one year of use…

  1. Holly says:

    you and gmail need to get a room.

  2. Pete says:

    Tell Holly that GMail already has a room. And it’s with her mom!

    Dan, update your damn blog. And link to mine dammit.

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