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The big record companies are pressuring Congress to pass legislation that would prevent XM listeners like you from having access to more music choices and new technologies. If these powerful special interests get their way, it will be much tougher for satellite radio to keep bringing you the unique and innovative artists you find on XM.

Let me explain: With 69 commercial-free digital music channels, XM provides an outlet for recording artists of virtually every musical style and genre.

XM has been a good friend to the music industry and, more importantly, to artists and songwriters. XM helps listeners discover new artists and rediscover forgotten favorites, stimulating CD and concert ticket sales.

We make sure artists and songwriters are fairly compensated for their music: XM pays a portion of your subscription fee to them and their record labels for the music you hear. Satellite radio has already paid tens of millions of dollars in royalties — and over the coming years it could pay hundreds of millions more. By contrast, conventional AM and FM radio stations pay nothing to recording artists or their record labels.

    In fact, satellite radio, including XM, is now the largest payer of digital performance royalties to artists and record labels in the country.

But the big record labels want more — a lot more — and are trying to use Congress to stand in the way of the future. They are pressuring Congress to pass legislation that would prevent XM listeners like you from being able to use our new radios. These radios allow XM subscribers to record music they hear on XM for personal use so you can listen later – in the same way TiVo allows you to record TV shows for later viewing.

This could mean fewer music choices and less new technology for you in years to come. Those who stand in the way of progress never prevail and they won’t this time, if you and the other 6.5 million members of the XM Nation act today.

Again, I hope you will click here to contact Congress and learn more about this issue.

Thank you for being a part of the XM Nation. With your support, XM Satellite Radio will continue to bring you the highest quality music, talk, sports, news and innovation.

Best Wishes,

Hugh Panero
CEO of XM Satellite Radio


I highly support XM’s drive to keep the big music companies from controling music and limiting what technology can do.¬† Just one question to them, how do they think devices like the Pioneer Inno and XM2GO are different than a tape recorder or reel to reel recorder¬†recording music from FM or AM radio?

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