“Ohio State is once again the biggest university in the nation.” and advice.

“With an increase of students choosing to stay at OSU, it’s numbers have increased to 51,818.”

That makes me 1/51,818 which is 0.0000193 or .00193% a part of The Ohio State University. For some reason, this feels good to me. It’s a good percentage to showcase my previous hardwork over the years here. Only a few more quarters to go.

On another note, if thinking about one day attending OSU do not be discouraged that it is too big of a school. It becomes a much smaller environment once a major is decided and the same classes are taken with the same people and professors in the department. The same goes for the people a freshman would live with in the dorms. Some of them will become your friends for the rest of your college career, if not life. To me, the larger atmosphere means larger possibblities and greater chances to succeed. It also means the same people will not always be at the same gathering place. The number of students returning for their second year of school has also increased to 91%. This number is high when compared to other schools.

“Garland said transfer students are harder to control. Any student with at least 45 credit hours and a 2.0 grade point average can transfer to OSU.” – That’s amazing. It would have been so much cheaper to have gone to a community school and then easily transferred here. I would have missed out on my freshman and sophmore college years though. I wouldn’t trade those for anything.

The rest of the article can be read from The Lantern.

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  1. Holly says:

    Dude you better not trade your Freshman or Sophmore college years. I would be very dissapointed. Those were the best.

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