Zune 8gb/16g vs. iPod Nano 4G

The first thoughts after seeing the new commercials for the iPod nano was that it looked extremely similar to the Zune 4gb/8gb/16gb that has been out since before Christmas 2007.  The Zune Scene forums does a really nice comparison.  First similarity in form factor is they do have the same overall dimensions.  The only really noticeable difference is the nano has a 2.0″ screen while the Zune has a 1.8″ screen.  The resolutions are the same at 320 x 240 so there should not be too much of a difference in quality.  The new nano has an accelerometer which allows it to sense orientation and play movies in the landscape mode.  This is something that the Zune has done from the start with all videos defaulting to landscape without an accelerometer to know its orientation.  It allows the width of the screen to be used while watching videos.  Although at 2.0″ inches it is still a bit small to really watch videos on.  It just allows the nano to have a more “normal” form factor instead of the previous “fat” one that was  wider than tall.

Although, I am bias to the Zune as I have hands on experience with the 8gb and 30gb I feel it is a better product technology wise as it has wifi and an fm radio built in.  This allows flagging and purchase of songs heard on the radio over a wifi connection along with syncing to a music collection.  Microsoft has also upgraded all previous Zune’s to the newest firmware, which is a huge plus for my 30gb Zune.  I do feel Apple used the Zune 4gb/8gb/16gb as a model for the 4th generation nano based on the landscape video viewing mode and similar form factor.  What are your takes?

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10 2008

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  1. 1

    iPod nano is very good as a walkaround mp3 player. my only complaint is that the included headphones lack good bass. I replaced it with the Sennheiser CX-300 and the sound was awesome.

  2. 2

    I would agree. The Sennheiser’s are a much better pair of headphones. The biggest difference with the bass would be due to the fact that they are Ear Canal Headphones (ECH). They seal off the outside environment while coupling with your eardrum better.

  3. Miley C. #

    Give up Zune! ipod is way more popular. ipod is THE mp3 player. Zune is the one who copied ipod in the first place as being a good quality colourful player… and we all know ipod is cooler and thought of the idea first so… give up ZUNE!
    p.s I am not biased i do really think my thoughts over even though it may not seem like it

    peace, love and headbands

  4. CS Lewis #

    Dont even say Apple copied Microsoft. Apple’s 4G nano is not some “new ipod structure copied off microsoft.” Apple had this from the start. Look at their 1G and 2G models back from nearly 2 years before the “zune nano” was introduced. Who’s the copycat now?

    And, well Microsoft said it themselves, they only started making zunes to directly compete with the iPod industry. Like Miley C. said, Give up Zune.

  5. Eight #

    Wow the fact that you had to quote Miley C says it all, Apple never had anything that looked remotely like a zune until the first zune came out, then you can see the direct similarities. You should really research a topic before you argue about it.

  6. 6

    @Miley C. and CS Lewis: The major point as stated earlier was that the Zune first had the ability to watch video in landscape mode in that size and form factor. The earlier iPod nano had a smaller square screen. The original iPod was not the first mp3 player, but it was the first one that had user friendly controls and interface to a computer (Mac) that worked.

  7. 7

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  10. 10

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  11. 11

    Hey Ken,Just wanted to say, thanks. I know it sucks to defend people you disagree with, but it is a welcome relief to hear from reasonable people who can put the debate in proper terms and in the proper arena. Appreciate your writing.

  12. 12

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