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Hello World!

Welcome to! I have finally registered my own domain name. This is something I have wanted to do ever since I started getting into designing web pages for other people. The problem was I could never justify the cost, nor think of a good name to use. After many years of debate and the cost of hosting/domain names coming down considerably, I decided just to register one that would be a blog focused on my hobbies, news, and career. Enjoy!

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04 2008

Incorrect Registration Notice



July 4 , 20

Summer/Autumn Quarter 2007 registration starts on April 23. Above you will find your window assignment for Summer/Autumn 2007. Please save and safeguard this e-mail and PLAN AHEAD!

So, I thought this was funny. The Ohio State University is trying to give me a registration window for Autumn 2038. I sure hope I graduate by then! Although, they apparently could not even assign me a date for it as that was left blank. At least I know I’ll be able to schedule my waitlisted classes by July 4, 20!

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04 2007

“Ohio State is once again the biggest university in the nation.” and advice.

“With an increase of students choosing to stay at OSU, it’s numbers have increased to 51,818.”

That makes me 1/51,818 which is 0.0000193 or .00193% a part of The Ohio State University. For some reason, this feels good to me. It’s a good percentage to showcase my previous hardwork over the years here. Only a few more quarters to go.

On another note, if thinking about one day attending OSU do not be discouraged that it is too big of a school. It becomes a much smaller environment once a major is decided and the same classes are taken with the same people and professors in the department. The same goes for the people a freshman would live with in the dorms. Some of them will become your friends for the rest of your college career, if not life. To me, the larger atmosphere means larger possibblities and greater chances to succeed. It also means the same people will not always be at the same gathering place. The number of students returning for their second year of school has also increased to 91%. This number is high when compared to other schools.

“Garland said transfer students are harder to control. Any student with at least 45 credit hours and a 2.0 grade point average can transfer to OSU.” – That’s amazing. It would have been so much cheaper to have gone to a community school and then easily transferred here. I would have missed out on my freshman and sophmore college years though. I wouldn’t trade those for anything.

The rest of the article can be read from The Lantern.

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10 2006

Just received from XM Radio

The big record companies are pressuring Congress to pass legislation that would prevent XM listeners like you from having access to more music choices and new technologies. If these powerful special interests get their way, it will be much tougher for satellite radio to keep bringing you the unique and innovative artists you find on XM.

Let me explain: With 69 commercial-free digital music channels, XM provides an outlet for recording artists of virtually every musical style and genre.

XM has been a good friend to the music industry and, more importantly, to artists and songwriters. XM helps listeners discover new artists and rediscover forgotten favorites, stimulating CD and concert ticket sales.

We make sure artists and songwriters are fairly compensated for their music: XM pays a portion of your subscription fee to them and their record labels for the music you hear. Satellite radio has already paid tens of millions of dollars in royalties — and over the coming years it could pay hundreds of millions more. By contrast, conventional AM and FM radio stations pay nothing to recording artists or their record labels.

    In fact, satellite radio, including XM, is now the largest payer of digital performance royalties to artists and record labels in the country.

But the big record labels want more — a lot more — and are trying to use Congress to stand in the way of the future. They are pressuring Congress to pass legislation that would prevent XM listeners like you from being able to use our new radios. These radios allow XM subscribers to record music they hear on XM for personal use so you can listen later – in the same way TiVo allows you to record TV shows for later viewing.

This could mean fewer music choices and less new technology for you in years to come. Those who stand in the way of progress never prevail and they won’t this time, if you and the other 6.5 million members of the XM Nation act today.

Again, I hope you will click here to contact Congress and learn more about this issue.

Thank you for being a part of the XM Nation. With your support, XM Satellite Radio will continue to bring you the highest quality music, talk, sports, news and innovation.

Best Wishes,

Hugh Panero
CEO of XM Satellite Radio

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06 2006

President Karen Holbrook to Retire

The thirteenth president of The Ohio State University announced her retirement on June 7th, 2006. This came as a surprised to me, but it was more of surprise when she was booed at the commencement ceremony last Sunday. According to her statistics and letter, the university has vastly improved over the years. It now ranks 21st in the nation and 1st in the state for public universities according to the U.S. News & World Report. It also jumped 15 places to the 24th in the rankings of total federal research expenditures in 2004. Annual giving, incoming ACT rates and the freshman-sophomore retention rates have also increased. The freshman-sophomore retention rate has risen to 89.7% while the six-year graduation rate has risen from 55% to 68% in five years. (Yah! I should be part of this statistic!)

The only significant story that I found on why students may not like Karen Holbrook came from The Sentinel and it basically stated that The Ohio State University has an excess surplus of money. Enough to be able to give each student $865 back each year. Oh come on, that is pocket change compared to the increased value of a diploma from Ohio State. Besides, The University operates as a business and from my experience a business would rather have a surplus of money and earn revenue each year. The only other comments I have ever heard about people not liking her are for what she did during the riots to try to control them and reduce drinking. Apparently, she also made it stricter to tailgate and drink in the streets and parking lots during football games. This is not that big of a deal as it is illegal to riot and drink in the streets in Ohio. All in all, her graduation speech was decent and there was no reason for students to boo her at a ceremony of that type.

I guess I justĀ bleed scarlet and gray.

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06 2006

Hello world!

In all the years I have had a web site I have had problems keeping it updated. I believe this was due to the fact that I was always a bit stubborn and wanted to update and completely design a site from the ground up. This just took too much time out of my college life. It also seems that the times have changed and things can be accomplished easier, without losing quality, by using open source software and tweaking it for my needs.

I plan on running this place a bit differently than my previous site as I am using WordPress to publish, manage, and stylize my content. WordPress was my choice after I tried a few other Content Management Systems (CMS) and blogging type tools. This one seemed to work the best for my goals. I intend to use this site to showcase my previous accomplishments, future plans, and also share stories/reviews/information about computer and technology related items. I look forward to always improving on my little place on the World Wide Web.

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02 2006