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Happy 6th+ Year Anniversary to Geauga Lake Being Closed – NOT! – A Revitalization Idea!

I just saw that it has been 6+ years since Geauga Lake in Northeast Ohio closed out of nowhere on the last day of the season!   Like everyone else that grew up in Northeast Ohio, this was devastating to … Continue reading

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Portobello Mushroom Cap

Today at my local grocery store, I saw some prepackaged stuffed portobello mushrooms and almost purchased them.  In the end, I decided to make my own.  They were fairly easy and delicious! Ingredients:  2 large portobello mushroom caps 1 shallot … Continue reading

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Snow is Here! Top 10 Ice and Snow Driving Tips!

It has finally snowed!  The roads are a bit slick, but no worries I have been driving on slick roads every winter for the past 14 years.   Recently, I took a drive from Cleveland to Baltimore in the middle … Continue reading

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Editing Videos With Windows Movie Maker

This is a follow up to my post on Open Source Video Editing as I was not able to find an adequate open source program that would accomplish transitions and title screens.  Eventually, I discovered that Windows includes Windows Movie Maker … Continue reading

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Open Source Movie Editing Software

The goal of this project is to figure out how to take multiple  DVD video files (*.VOB) from a Sony Handy Cam and compile them all into one video with various transitions, effects and title screens.  The program I use … Continue reading

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Jalapeno Turkey Burgers

This recipe is a modification from my classic turkey burgers in that it provides a bit more kick.  The heat factor is fairly moderate, but that will vary depending on how hot and how many jalapenos used. Ingredients: 1 package … Continue reading

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K-Lite Codec Pack is Awesome

If one has ever experienced a problem with playing an audio or video file on a Windows based computer with Windows Media Player or any other player then a codec might need to be installed.  A codec allows encoding or … Continue reading

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