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This past spring, I opened up a brokerage account with Banc of America Investment Services since I have the majority of my money in Bank of America deposit accounts.  The advantage here is next day transfers between accounts when most other services take multiple days.  They also currently offer 30 free trades a month if you have $25,000 in deposit accounts (Checking, Savings, CDs).  If not, the rates progressively decrease depending on what kind of checking account you have established.

Since then I have poured over many different documents from MSN Money, Google Finance, Motley Fool and many others.  After all this, I was left feeling like all the information I read was written by experts and was not real life experiences.  This is when I ventured off to look for some blogs to read about personal non professional experiences.  The following blogs I have been reading off and on for a few months:

Money Blogs

  • Five Cent Nickel – Decent tips and personal experiences for everyday personal finances.  The great deals for credit cards and savings accounts are always highlighted on the right.
  • Get Rich Slowly – “personal finance that makes cents” is the tag line and is all about sensible personal finance.  Really good tips that followed his journey to becoming debt free.
  • The Rich Canadian – The RC is a different approach from the above blogs.  He freely posts his net worth and claims to be richer than most people reading his blog.  There’s an even more interesting twist with reviews about energy drinks.
  • My Money Blog – Decent site about saving money and investing with an overall goal of $1million net worth by age 45.

One interesting point to make about all of these making money blogs is they all offer up some sort of ad system to boost their networth.  So that’s that for now.  I’ve added a link list to the sidebar to track these sites more easily.  I’ve also added the categories Life and Money as a few new topics to blog about.

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